Cycle Trail

The West Coast Wilderness Trail

Cycleway graphic
West Coast Scenic Waterways are partners with the West Coast Wilderness Trail and the New Zealand Cycle Trail.

As part of our standard boat cruise option we are able to take you and your bicycles on board. Do the tour of the waterways and lake then return either to where you started, or we can drop you at the historic footbridge. The Mahinapua Waterways used to be the main route south to Ross. Early pioneers, gold diggers and explorers regularly traveled the route by boat.

Enhance your cycle way experience by adding on a kayak and cruise adventure along the Mahinapua Creek and Lake. Or why not consider boarding yourselves and your bikes and being dropped off at the Mahinapua footbridge after enjoying a leisurely cruise aboard the Eco Adventurer.

For more detail on the West Coast Wilderness Trail, please visit the West Coast Wilderness Trail Website.

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