Conditions of Use and Privacy

Conditions of Use and our Privacy Policy

Privacy policy and terms of use. West Coast Scenic Waterways, Hokitika, West CoastSummary

  • Our stuff is not free stuff just because it is on the internet. Do not use text, images or video from this website without asking us first.
  • By using our online images service you still own your photographs, but grant us the right to use them.
  • By using the online payments system you agree to the terms and conditions of the payment provider (PayPal or other).
  • Personal information you provide is kept and viewed only by us or our partners for the purpose of providing you with a requested service.
  • We do our best to ensure the privacy of your information.

Our content

Text content, images and video on this website, unless otherwise stated, are the intellectual property of West Coast Scenic Waterways and are subject to New Zealand and International copyright laws.

This website was built on the WordPress platform, uses a template Nirvana by CryOutCreations, and the commerce system is provided by CheckFront. We have paid for the right to use it, and before you go and copy it, maybe consider doing the same.

The majority of photographs used on this website were taken for us by local professional photographer Juergen Schacke ( These are his property and we do our best to protect these photographs from misuse or theft. If you wish to purchase or use these photographs, please contact us or Juergen directly.

Historic information, including photographs, found on the About > Mahinapua page was supplied by the Hokitika museum.


Website conditions of use

Uploading Photographs

The uploading party must be the owner of the photographs. The uploading party must have been a paying customer on a West Coast Scenic Waterways trip or stay. The photographs must be of the trip, not offensive or objectionable. By uploading photographs you own to this site, you grant West Coast Scenic Waterways the rights to use your photographs in printed and online advertising for our products. West Coast Scenic Waterways will not own photography uploaded to this site. West Coast Scenic Waterways will not share your photography elsewhere or grant any other entity the right to use your photography, except where the third party is working to advertise West Coast Scenic Waterways products.

Online booking service

Our online booking service relies on a third party service provided by CheckFront. For more details on CheckFronts legalities, view the CheckFront Terms and Conditions here.

By using our online booking system you must be a real person or represent a real party with the intent to proceed with your booked service. You or your party must meet the illegibility requirements for your chosen product. Illegibility requirements will be show on the product description.

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