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About Us

My wife Cindy and I moved our family to the West Coast region of New Zealand in 2001. We have four lovely boys. The oldest two are now working and the younger two are home educated.

We purchased land on the Mahinapua Creek with a perfect view of the mountains, native trees and an area rich in wildlife. The beauty of the area captivated us and we couldn’t help but want to share it with others.

As your skipper, you will benefit from my decades of developed good humour (aged well like a good cheese); you will catch my infectious love of the water; and you will learn why we love doing what we do.

The waterways are perfectly suited to a slow boat cruise to Lake Mahinapua, an ideal setting for exploring in kayaks and is sure to provide a photograph to send home. Having raised 4 mischievous boys I am good at spotting trouble and am aware of the need for good supervision around water or machines.

We'd love the opportunity to share the rich history and natural beauty of the Mahinapua Waterways with you. We welcome you on board!

With love,

Cindy and Gavin

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